Print Base

Printing doesn't limit itself to the standard white material; we elevate the game by transferring your design onto silver or holographic chrome, giving your kit a metallic makeover in every shade.

White Base

Ultracurve® X1 stands tall as the go-to print media in the motocross and powersport realm, setting the industry standard.

Crafted in collaboration with the world's fastest racers, Ultracurve® X1 boasts an ultra-aggressive grip on low surface energy plastics. The innovative FLO Technology kicks bubbles to the curb, significantly slashing installation times.

Holographic chrome

Holographic chrome operates on the same principles as our silver chrome, with a twist—the base undergoes a color change in the sunlight, much like a Chameleon!

It's a guaranteed method to make your kit stand out like nothing else on the track or trail!

Silver Chrome

Silver Chrome taps into the air-release and adhesive wonders of our standard print media, yet it works its magic by imbuing nearly every color with a mesmerizing metallic chrome finish!

The lighter hues take on the pinnacle of metallic brilliance, while the darker shades, descending all the way to black, adopt a subtler metallic charm.

*** The plastic matching for brand colors like Honda Red or KTM Orange might have slight variations, given the chromatic nature of the print material, which reflects different hues under varying lights.